Kick Off Your New Commitment to Health and Wellness With A Fitness Assessment

What is a Fitness Assessment?

In a ONE-ON-ONE appointment with a nationally certified fitness professional, you will discuss your health history, previous exercise experience, and fitness goals. The assessment itself will include body composition (weight, measurements, and body fat percentage), cardiorespiratory (one mile speed walk test on a treadmill), muscular endurance (sit ups), and dynamic strength (push-ups) tests to assess your overall fitness compared to other men or women your age based on research provided by the Cooper Institute in Dallas, Texas.

Why should I do a Fitness Assessment?

The results of your Fitness Assessment are an indication of your overall fitness level and highlight areas that need improving. They also set a bench mark from which you can set realistic goals for the next three to six months as you utilize the fitness center and make healthy lifestyle changes.

How long will it take?

The fitness assessment appointment will take approximately one hour.

How can I schedule my Fitness Assessment?

Contact us to set up a fitness assessment.