One-on-One or Small Group Training

Being in a “comfortable atmosphere” does not mean that we won’t take you OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE! The challenge we put to our clients is the key to safely take you to the next level of success. Whether your goals are weight loss, toning and sculpting, strength training, endurance training, sports-specific, or a combination of these, we can help you get there and the extra bonus…Improved quality of life, is on us!

We recognize that people have many reasons to want to work out with a partner or group, so we offer Partner Training. Our trainers customize a program to meet the needs of each individual. Partners train together during their session, but the trainer can easily adjust the programs to meet each individual’s needs within the same training session!

No matter your training goals, we will use our knowledge and experience to help you reach them!

Home Training

Are you someone who prefers to work out at home? We can help you to maximize the effectiveness of your in-home workout routine, starting with helping you to shake up the routine with innovative, challenging workout guidance that will help you level-up your fitness. And it’s all from the privacy of your own home! Our trainers can provide you with an excellent workout both in-person and virtually via Zoom, FaceTime, Skype, etc.

Wish you were working out at home, but something is holding you back? Fitness4EveryBody can help! Say goodbye to boredom with a diverse and challenging program; become “a pro” and learn how to use your equipment. Understand how to feel your muscles engaging; and become more confident in your form to avoid injury when you work out alone. If you haven’t set up a home gym yet, we can help. We’ll advise you on equipment to purchase, ranging from heavy workout equipment like treadmills and All-in-One stations to simple, easy equipment such as dumbbells, exercise bands, and core strengthening accessories.

Want that personal attention but have a friend or loved one who you think could benefit from a challenging work out too? Fitness4EveryBody will gladly conduct in-home partner or small group training.

Our knowledgeable and skilled trainers are ready to tailor workouts specifically to your goals! We use a variety of research-backed training techniques that are not only combined in an effective way, but also in a way that allows you to challenge yourself while having FUN!

Office and Team Training

Busy professionals don’t have time to come to us, so we go to you. Our certified personal trainers will come to your office to help you meet your fitness goals. We are flexible to work with whatever equipment is available on site. Whether it’s in an exercise facility in your office or your collection of storable exercise equipment in your conference room, our trainers will craft a custom workout that you can do without a big interruption to your work day. 

As with our home training programs, we provide novel, challenging, effective workouts in a safe, convenient environment! 

Golf Fit Training

It’s happened to every golfer: A swing that feels “off” or a bad round that leaves the player feeling frustrated. Most of the time their game can be improved and gain consistency with an off-the-course training program to improve flexibility and strengthen the core and correct any muscle weaknesses or imbalances. Before you keep working on your swing and emphasizing the wrong movements, let’s take a good look at your fitness training program.

Fitness4EveryBody has Level One Golf Specialists that can help you improve your game in 1 to 3 sessions. We can develop a program tailored to your specific needs, increasing flexibility and mobility to help you improve not only your swing but your game overall.

Sport Specific

Sports-specific training helps athletes and “weekend warriors” improve their performance in their practiced sport.

Are you a runner that would like to increase your speed and/or endurance for your next 10-miler? A tennis player who needs to get to the ball faster? We’ll help you improve your agility and quickness. Or are you a golfer and need a stronger core and better range of motion for your swing? Let’s not forget our summer softball players who are looking to increase their hitting power and quicken their step to the bases. And in the winter, imagine being able to ski the slopes with confidence!

These are only a few of the sports for which our trainers design custom workouts to help clients achieve their personal goals. What’s your sport or leisure activity?

We have helped athletes of all ages: Teenagers, young adults, seasonal athletes, and casual weekend players through effective and safe sports conditioning. Most importantly we’ve helped them improve their game while avoiding injury!