Our Team

Pilar Lorca

As the owner and CEO of Fitness4EveryBody, Pilar brings more than 23 years of experience providing successful fitness services to clients ranging from individuals to large companies. Pilar is experienced in all aspects of fitness services and management, including personal training, group exercise, massage therapy, wellness coaching, running coaching, level one golf specialist coaching, and specialized sports-specific training.

She is a Certified Personal Trainer through the National Strength Professionals Association (NSPA), Certified Kickboxing trainer with the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA), Certified Cycling Instructor through Reebok, and an IDEA Health & Fitness Association member since 2004. She also specializes in conducting Safety and Space Analyses for both new and existing fitness centers.

Born and raised in Colombia, South America, Pilar played basketball in school for 7 years before attending college in Cambridge, England. Fitness and wellness are Pilar’s passion, and it shows in her work. Constantly reading, learning, and researching enables her to bring her clients the latest information on optimal health. She strives to personally know each member and to help them find fulfillment with a wellness and fitness program that fits their lifestyle and brings balance to their lives. Pilar and her team of fitness specialists bring their skills, talents, and enthusiasm to each client and event and always strive to design and deliver innovative health programs.

Pilar holds the following certifications:

NSPA Personal Trainer

Nike Running Coach Level 1

NSPA Golf Specialist Level 1

SCW Hormone, Nutrition and Weight loss Specialist

Sports Specific Conditioning Specialist

Knee, Shoulder, Hip, Back Rehabilitation Workshop

Rebook Spinning Instructor

Trigger Point Therapist Workshop

Kim Sanborn

Kim is an experienced Personal Trainer, with specialties ranging from Group Fitness Instruction to Corporate Fitness Management. Kim has been in the fitness industry for over 20 years. Her personal approach to fitness is that a healthy lifestyle should include an element of fun and is achievable. Anyone can be motivated to live a long and satisfying life. Kim’s clients have lost pounds and inches, becoming happier and healthier individuals.

Kim holds the following certifications:

Personal Training, ACE

Group Exercise, ACE

Zumba, Zumba

Lori Rose-Thompson

Lori has been a fitness professional for 19 years. She loves group fitness and teaches a wide variety of group exercise formats including indoor cycling, yoga, and HIIT training. She has also been a certified professional trainer since 2006 and was certified as a Health Coach in 2017. Lori believes that healthy living is a journey, not an endpoint. She uses a personalized and holistic approach to wellness based on the client’s goals. She helps clients to achieve greater health and fitness through changes in nutrition and exercise that are both practical and sustainable.

Lori holds the following certifications:

M.Ed in Curriculum and Instruction from George Mason University

Personal Training (ACE)

Health Coaching (ACE)

Group Exercise Instruction (AFAA)

Indoor Cycling (AFAA, Keiser, and ICG)

Yoga (YogaFit)

Insanity Live! and Core de Force Live! (Beachbody)

Barre Basics (Barre Above)

Jean Wu Lam

Jean has over 20 years combined experience teaching Group Fitness and Personal Training. Her workouts are dynamic, motivating and created to emphasize functional fitness. Jean believes in training for real life moments and activities to teach clients to move optimally throughout the day.

Jean holds the following certifications:

Certified Personal Trainer, ACE

Therapeutic Exercise Specialist, ACE

Corrective Exercise Specialist, NASM

Group Fitness Instructor, AFAA

Golden Years Senior Specialist, AFAA

Katie Lebel

Katie is a dedicated fitness professional who integrates a mind-body approach into her training sessions. Katie has been a personal trainer for over 11 years. She is well-versed in functional movement, strength and general nutrition. Katie believes that by applying the principles of intention, your abilities are limitless.

Katie holds the following certifications:

USA Weightlifting level 1

KettleBell Athletics TRX

Specialist NASM Nutrition Coaching Certification (Expected to be finished by end of year)

Muhammad Abdul-Raheem

Muhammad is a certified personal trainer, medical fitness specialist and sports nutritionist. His journey started many years ago when his parents purchased a weight bench and stored it in the basement. This weight bench in the basement is where his passion for strength, exercise and transforming physiques began. Muhammad decided to embark on his fitness career became a Certified Personal Trainer (C.P.T) and a Medical Fitness Specialist with the American College of Sports Medicine. With these certifications and experience, he can work with a wide range of people from athletes to people who may be healing from a chronic illness. His areas of expertise are weight loss, strength and muscle maintenance. He also is a Sports Nutritionist with American Muscle and Fitness.

Perhaps most interesting, Muhammad had a prior career in law enforcement as a member of the United States Secret Service for over ten years. In addition to his regular job duties, he also was a Physical Training Coordinator with the agency. In this position he helped many members of the law enforcement community to reach their professional and personal fitness goals. Muhammad loves to create new challenges for his individual clients and group fitness participants. He describes his training style as intense, fierce and motivating. His goal is to have a lifelong impact on every client who puts their trust in him. Muhammad is excited to bring his talent, experience, and skills to the Fitness4EveryBody team. 


Throughout her entire life, Angela has taught, inspired, and created transformative experiences that are positive and life-changing for her personal training clients, athletes on her rowing teams, students in her yoga or group fitness classes. public school students in her classrooms, family members, and friends. She has been a Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor, Yoga Teacher, and Health and Wellness Coach for three decades.

Angela holds a Bachelors degree in Education from Virginia Tech. She is a Certified Personal Trainer and Continuing Education Faculty with the American Council on Exercise. She is a Rowing Master Trainer for Concept2 and UCanRow2; USRowing Level III Coach; CrossFit level 1, level 2, and Rowing Specialty Certification Coach. Angela is also a Master Trainer for YogaMedCo, teaching Integrative Health Coach and 200-hour Yoga Teacher Trainings internationally. Additionally, Angela is a Remedial Exercise Specialist, Master Trainer for PK Silver, Zibrio Balance Specialist, and Level 1 Coach for the World Freerunning and Parkour Federation. Her other certifications include TRX, Spinning, Surfset, BOSU, BodyBlade, Foam Rolling, and Myofascial Release. Angela is also a Reiki Master and level 3 practioner.

Angela enjoys all forms of movement and fitness. She firmly believes that “movement is medicine” and finds great joy in helping others live a healthy lifestyle. She enjoys hiking, kayaking, skiing, standup paddle boarding, and studying how the human body moves, performs, and thrives optimally.

Angela holds the following certifications:

Certified Personal Trainer, American Council on Exercise, 1999-present

Yoga Alliance 500-hour ERYT

Concept2 / UCanRow2 Indoor Rowing Master Trainer

ACE Continuing Education Provider and Faculty

YogaMedCo Master Coach and Lead Teacher

PK Silver Master Trainer and PK Move Instructor

Zibrio Balance Specialist

TRX Certified Instructor