Inova VIP 360

Nutrition and Exercise are two integral components of a healthy lifestyle. At Inova VIP 360, Fitness4EveryBody’s personal trainers and registered dietitians partner with the Doctors to create evidence based, comprehensive wellness program that’s customized just for you. The integrity of these connections truly makes a difference in the quality of your health and well-being.

We bring the Doctor, Nutritionist, and Personal Trainer together to work in a seamless manner just for you and your needs. We all work together to make sure you are performing at your current potential by customizing your nutrition and your workouts to meet your unique health and fitness challenges.



Sterling Philips, CEO GTSI Corporation

I was introduced to Fitness 4 Everybody as part of a comprehensive physical in the Inova 360 Institute at Fairfax Inova Hospital.  The last step for the day was consultation with a personal trainer who happened to be Pilar Lorca, President of Fitness 4 Everybody.   When I was younger, I was very active and engaged in team sports, but never created the habit of regular exercise.  As I grew older, life became more sedentary and lack of regular exercise more of an issue.  Pilar was knowledgeable, thorough and professional in reviewing the results of my physical and offering recommendations as to why I should embrace regular exercise and how to get started.

I signed up with Fitness 4 Everybody and, with Pilar’s coaching, tried different schedules and routines until we found the time that works best for my weekly schedule.  Nearly a year ago, I showed up as a “never ever” and began a fitness journey that has been rewarding and beneficial.  Today, this is a regular and important part of my lifestyle and work routine.  I have a level of endurance and strength I could not imagine when I started.  I am at Fitness 4 Everybody three times a week engaged in aerobic and strength training.  Pilar has guided my fitness development to keep me challenged and improving while being safe and free of injury.  Working with a Fitness 4 Everybody trainer has kept me motivated, challenged me more than I would have challenged myself, led to more variety in my exercise regimen and given me the peace of mind knowing I am working safely with professional guidance.   This is a great team to work with clients at every level of fitness and ambition.