Fitness4EveryBody has been in operation since 2003. It is a small, woman and minority owned company, created to introduce wellness to each member’s lifestyle.

Fitness4EveryBody has a comprehensive service offering for busy executive and their employees. Our Standard programs include personal training, group training, home training, corporate wellness and fitness center management, nutritional programs, massage therapy, aerobics classes, and safety and space analyses. We have established clientele that range from mid-sized IT Services company to large corporations.



Congratualtions, nearly 80% of us have decided to improve our fitness in some way this year. Like an entrepreneur, the awareness and desire for change is the 1st step giving us purpose and reason to reach our goal.

Being able to visualize what we want is the 2nd step, so again cudos! What is the picture of fitness you hold on to …….. somewhere between feeling more energetic and Baywatch beach bodies? Every individuals goals are unique – that intense personal connection with our want will drive us in the direction of taking action. Deep down we all want to feel great, look great, have lots of energy and exude the confidence that comes with achieving that goal. What is your personal fitness goal, go ahead shoot for the stars, you CAN achieve it!

Once the awareness for change is solid and we can visualize exactly what the goal is a solid plan of action can begin to form. Fitness strategy, like business strategy takes clear vision and purpose and puts them into a plan of action #3. The success of your fitness goals depend largely on planning and strategy – you’ve no doubt heard the devil’s in the details. This is a good time to gather the help of experts (business partners, management teams) who meet and discuss your goal, breaking it down into mini-goals(built in motivation) and setting the best strategy to avoid common pitfalls.

Fitness4EveryBody trainers will help you, listen to your goal and set in motion your fitness plan, giving you the support you need to achieve success. Goal setting, anti-setback strategy, motivation and technical suggestions we will give you all the tools you need for success!