Fit4EB’s Remodel of Heritage Fitness Center

In April, Fit4EB was awarded a contract to redesign and upgrade the fitness facility at the Heritage Center professional complex in Annandale, Virginia. The complex consists of a cluster of four office buildings on Little River Turnpike, just inside the the Beltway. The current tenants are a mix of private and public enterprises, including medical offices, title and mortgage companies, and a branch of the Fairfax County Health Department.

Fit4EB  provided a safety and space analysis for the new fitness center, including recommendations for new equipment and the design of a new layout to optimize the available space. Fit4EB President and CEO Pilar Lorca says, “As fitness trends and equipment have evolved over the years, it has become very important for building owners and property managers to keep fitness centers up to date, both for safety and to encourage use.” Tenants of commercial properties have come to expect more amenities, such as fitness centers, in recent years. According to Lorca, “Property owners benefit from having a well-appointed fitness center because it attracts tenants. Employers benefit because fit, healthy workers are more productive.”


Smith machines, cable machines, and state of the art stationary bikes at the Heritage Center fitness facility.

Along with the fitness center, the Heritage Center’s conference facility is also slated for renovation. It’s all part of a trend in the area, as Annandale has undergone a number of redevelopment and revitalization projects in the past several years. According to the Annandale Chamber of Commerce, the area near the Heritage Center is currently undergoing a revitalization with updates to the Heritage Mall property and further changes to come in the form of a small park, an outdoor dining patio, and an improved parking area. A new townhome development is also under construction behind the mall.

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