Since I started training, I notice that I am stronger. I can crouch down to pull the laundry out of the dryer and get back up again much more easily than before. I can really feel the difference training has made for me!

Anne Saueracker

Hi Pilar,
I wanted to share some good news. If I wasn’t already convinced, I am now even more certain that twice a week strength training leads to AWESOME metabolic effects. My BMI, muscle mass, and percent body fat are the best they have been since I arrived [at the practice].


P.S. I taught my 4th 50-something year old patient the routine you taught me. Now I can personally attest to results.

Dr. Sheri Lofton, Inova VIP 360

I began training with Pilar and her team more than a year ago… acknowledging for at least the second time in my life that I do not have the self discipline and will power to work out regularly…and hard, on my own. The Fitness4EveryBody Team delivers on both “regularly” and “hard”! Great trainers and I almost enjoy all my workouts; but as Pilar says, “It is good for me.” One of the things that I most enjoy (seriously) is that each trainer has a different style and focus. While they are always in “sync” with my goals and the overall plan, they each approach the workout content a little differently. While I would be happy to work out full-time with any of the trainers with whom I work, I really enjoy the different workouts and focal points each has [given me].
Great team and great experience!

Dr. Skip Trump, CEO & Executive Director, Inova Schar Cancer Institute

After a combination of twenty plus years of inactivity in corporate life, and a prodding from my Inova executive physical in mid-2016, I signed on with Pilar at the Fitness4EveryBody training sessions. Working out three mornings a week, at the ungodly hour of 6 am, over the course of one year, I can report exceptional results.

I have lost over twenty pounds of excess weight, substantially improved my body mass index, reduced fat and improved muscle mass, and significantly improved my strength and posture. I plan to continue the process for at least another year.  A side benefit is the ability to handle stress at home (with two teenage daughters) and at work, with a far greater sense of well-being.

Pilar and her team, Katie, Kim, and Shannon, vary the exercise routines so you are always challenged, but never bored.  They are all exceptional.

I highly recommend you to consider trying their program if you wish to reduce your weight, increase your strength, and overall improve your body mass index and the ability to deal with our day-to-day stress.

Alan Stewart, CEO

I was introduced to Fitness4EveryBody as part of a comprehensive physical in the Inova 360 Institute at Fairfax Inova Hospital. The last step for the day was consultation with a personal trainer who happened to be Pilar Lorca, President of Fitness4EveryBody. When I was younger, I was very active and engaged in team sports, but never created the habit of regular exercise. As I grew older, life became more sedentary and lack of regular exercise more of an issue. Pilar was knowledgeable, thorough and professional in reviewing the results of my physical and offering recommendations as to why I should embrace regular exercise and how to get started.

I signed up with Fitness4EveryBody and, with Pilar’s coaching, tried different schedules and routines until we found the time that works best for my weekly schedule. Nearly a year ago, I showed up as a “never ever” and began a fitness journey that has been rewarding and beneficial. Today, this is a regular and important part of my lifestyle and work routine. I have a level of endurance and strength I could not imagine when I started. I am at Fitness4EveryBody three times a week engaged in aerobic and strength training. Pilar has guided my fitness development to keep me challenged and improving while being safe and free of injury. Working with a Fitness4EveryBody trainer has kept me motivated, challenged me more than I would have challenged myself, led to more variety in my exercise regimen and given me the peace of mind knowing I am working safely with professional guidance. This is a great team to work with clients at every level of fitness and ambition.

Sterling Philips, CEO GTSI Corporation

Partnering with F4EB has been one of the best business decisions we have made! Our employees appreciate and are excited about the wellness programs and competitions!

Joty Paparello, Microstrategy – Senior Director, Worldwide Benefit