Becoming healthier is not only about exercising

Research tells us that nutrition is a key part of weight loss, weight maintenance, and overall good health.

At Fitness4EveryBody, we offer two fully customizable nutrition programs, Precision Nutrition Coaching and Evolution Nutrition meal planning. Because every client is different, it’s important to choose the program that best fits the client’s lifestyle and needs. Which program is right for you? Take a look at the table below and contact us with any questions or to begin your nutrition coaching today!

precision nutrition evolution nutrition 

Cafeteria Review

Does your company have a cafeteria? Are you offering your employees the best in healthy nutrition options? Fitness4EveryBody will work with your cafeteria to design menus and provide nutritional alternatives. We will work on the cafeteria design to include elements like calorie counts and other notices that will help your employees to make smart, educated choices in their meals.